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Glen Eaton aka Johnny Yu shares Rare The Last Dragon Behind The Scenes Photos!

Ever wonder what happened to Johnny Yu from The Last Dragon? Wonder no more. I found him back in April 2012 but was only able to have a quick exchange over YouTube comments at the time. After not hearing from him for the last 20 years that was cool enough. But now that I have really found him; back in 2014 I put him in touch with Adam Lux the guy who organized The D-Lux Entertainment Expo (Detroit March 28-30, 2014) and I met him along with Taimak, Ernie Reyes Jr and many other celebrities there.

We have keep in touch though Facebook and the coolest part of being Facebook friends is the seeing some of the great throwback pictures from the set of The Last Dragon he has shared.

Here’s a few of Glen’s super rare never before seen Last Dragon Pics

With Berry Gordy and the boys at The Last Dragon Premier

Glen Eaton Berry Gordy Taimak and Leo Obrien - The Last Dragon Premier 1985

Glen Eaton, Berry Gordy, Taimak & Leo O’Brien at The Last Dragon Premier (1985)
Glen’s tux was late so he had to wear jeans and a leather jacket, as for Leo, guess he was just too cool for a tux! 😉 RIP


Johnny Yu and Sho’nuff messing around behind the scenes of The Last Dragon

Johnny Yu and Sho'nuff Behind the Scenes Knuckle Sandwich - The Last Dragon

This might be the coolest thing I have ever seen! Seeing Sho’nuff and Johnny Yu together again practically brings a tear to my eye. Glen said “Here I’m giving Julius Carey a knuckle sandwich, he took it literally and proceeded to eat my fist!” RIP Julius

Glen and Berry Gordy

Berry Gordy with Glen Eaton as Johnny Yu

Producer Berry Gordy coaching Glen as Johnny Yu on set of The Last Dragon

Glen putting on a Martial Arts Demonstration

Glen Eaton Martial Demonstration at The Last Dragon Premier 1985

“Taimak and I went into our demonstrations. Taimak is a real martial artist, I was just a ham. Thats my mother on the far left and my sister Barbara next to her. You could see by my sister’s expression that she thought I was going to do something crazy. I don’t blame her, I was young and not too smart back then..” -Glen Eaton

Taimak making everyone smile at The Last Dragon Premier

Taimak at The Last Dragon Premier

Taimak dancing? at The Last Dragon Premier

Glen Eaton & Ernie Reyes Jr during The Last Dragon Final Fight Scene

Rare Photo Ernie Reyes Jr - Glen Eaton The Last Dragon Final Fight Scene

Check out Taimak’s outfit in this throwback!

Glen Eaton, Taimak & Leo O'Brien during the making of the Last Dragon 1985

Glen Eaton, Taimak & Leo O’Brien during the making of the Last Dragon 1985

Berry Gordy coaching Glen during the infamous Dojo Scene

The Last Dragon Dojo- Behind the Scenes - Glen Eaton coached by Berry Gordy with Taimak

Evidence of Berry Gordy’s direct influence on the making of The Last Dragon. Here is once again coaching first time actors Glen Eaton and Taimak during the dojo scene.

Recent Photo of Glen “Johnny Yu” Eaton


Recent picture of Glen Eaton aka Johnny Yu from The Last Dragon

Glen Eaton

Thanks for sharing these great photo’s Glen.


Watch The Last Dragon Reunion Panel from the D-Lux Expo is a blog dedicated to preserving the joy of Berry Gordy’s 1985 Motown meets Kung Fu cult classic The Last Dragon. We also delve into all things Bruce Lee, Martial Arts and enjoy reminiscing about 70′s,80′s & 90′s pop culture. Follow us from the links below for your daily dose of the Glow!

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The D-LUX Entertainment Expo will feature The Last Dragon Reunion!

The D-Lux Entertainment Expo is shaping up to be a pop culture celebration like no other. Combining elements of comic books, costuming, role playing, gaming, and celebrities, it will be a martials arts, WWE, UFC, and superhero lovers dream. The impressive list of celebrities includes actors, pro wrestlers, martial artists, superheroes, stuntmen, musicians and artists.

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Celebrity attendees like Bill Goldberg, Ninja Turtle co-creator Kevin Eastman and an attempt to top the world record for the most people dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in one venue might make the biggest headlines but the most interesting element of all is the fact that this event will feature the first ever Last Dragon Reunion.

The Last Dragon - Bruce Leroy - Ernie Reyes - Johnny Yu

Bruce Leroy, Ernie Reyes Jr and Johnny Yu Reunite!

Taimak Guarriello (Bruce Leroy himself), Ernie Reyes Jr. (13 year old black belt protege at the time) and Glen Eaton (aka Johnny Yu aka “the medium sized oriental”) will reunite for the first time since the Berry Gordy produced beloved Motown meets kung-fu mashup was released 29 years ago.

The thousands of fans that follow this blog and Facebook page are a testament to the cult classic status that The Last Dragon has reached. It still amazes me to see how many fans get a kick out of the pictures, videos and stories we share. For fans this is a very big deal; the lucky ones who attend the D-Lux Expo will get the chance to meet, take pictures with, get autographs from and take part in a panel with Taimak, Ernie, Glen and me!

The Last Dragon Reunion Panel

On the Saturday at 3:00pm I will be hosting The Last Dragon panel. This will be your chance to ask Taimak, Ernie and Glen any question you want.  It will be in Panel Room 1.

The Last Dragon Reunion March 29 2014 - D-Lux Expo Detroit Michigan

@thelastglow/Fan Tribute to The Last Dragon is going to be there?

Yes I’ll be there. Come by my the panel or my table say hi, watch & chat about The Last Dragon and maybe pickup one of  our Last Dragon inspired T-Shirts. I should be easy to find because I’ll still be glowing from meeting my biggest childhood heroes! I’m also set to be a celebrity (lol) judge of The Last Dragon costume contest. So if you dress up as Sho’nuff, Laura Charles or Leroy make sure you come by my table so I can take a good look at your outfit. I am really looking forward to this event and hope that a good number of Last Dragon fans can make too!

I know for a fact that Taimak, Ernie & Glen are very excited too reunite. Check out some of  Taimak’s recent tweets and Facebook posts:


Event Details

  • What: The Last Dragon Reunion at The D-Lux Entertainment Expo
  • Where:  The Gibraltar Trade Center, 237 North River Road Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043
  • When: March 28-30, 2014 – The Last Dragon Panel Saturday 3:00pm Panel Room 1
  • Tickets: D-Lux Expo Tickets – Full Weekend Passes only $40!
  • More Info:
  • Featured Celebrities
  • Flyer 

Ernie Reyes Jr, Taimak and Glen Eaton - The Last Dragon Reunion 2014

Click the image below to get your Tickets Today!

DLUX Entertainment Weekend Pass


If you are going to the Expo please let me know by joining the Facebook Event: is a blog dedicated to preserving the joy of Berry Gordy’s 1985 Motown meets Kung Fu cult classic The Last Dragon. We also delve into all things Bruce Lee, Martial Arts and enjoy reminiscing about 70′s,80′s & 90′s pop culture. Follow us from the links below for your daily dose of the Glow!

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The First Ever Last Dragon Reunion! is very excited to announce that Glen Eaton aka Johnny Yu from The Last Dragon is officially coming to the D-Lux Entertainment Expo in Detroit, March 28-30, 2014. Glen joins Taimak Guarriello (Bruce Leroy) & Ernie Reyes Jr (Tai) making this the first Last Dragon Reunion in the 29 years since the now cult classic was released.

The Art of Fighting without knowing how to fight

Bruce Leroy & Johnny Yu in The Last Dragon

This is Kind of a Big Deal

“I was already calling it a mini reunion with Ernie & Taimak coming but now that Glen is in it’s the real thing! I mean now this huge! It’s the first time these guys have even seen each other; much less been at the same event together! Now we just need Keshia Knight Pulliam, William H. Macy, Chaz Palminteri, Carl Anthony Payne, Christopher Murney and Vanity! lol! And of course it’s a shame this didn’t happen sooner so the late Julius Carry (Sho’nuff) and Leo O’Brien (Richie Green) could have come.”

Craig Sutton the creator of and the man behind @thelastglow.

Glen Eaton and Ernie Reyes Jr in The Last Dragon 1985

Glen Eaton aka Johnny Yu & Ernie Reyes Jr. in The Last Dragon


The Last Dragon returns to its Motown Roots

Motown founder Berry Gordy was the producer of The Last Dragon so it is fitting that this epic reunion is happening in Detroit, the birthplace of Motown and its founder.

Bruce Leroy - Ernie Reyes Jr - Glen Eaton reunited at the D-Lux Expo March 28-30, 2014

Taimak, Ernie Reyes Jr. & Glen Eaton then and now

The D-Lux Entertainment Expo

The Reunion will be part of  The D-Lux Entertainment Expo– a one of kind comic-con style event combined with a marital arts tournament. The 3 day event will feature a talented line-up of celebrities including Bill Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Cung Le, Kevin Eastman, all 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume World Record attempt, celebrity panels, collectibles, memorabilia, cosplay, MMA Fights, Celebrity Martial Arts seminars, and more…

DLUX Entertainment Expo Poster

Event Details

  • What: The Last Dragon Reunion at The D-Lux Entertainment Expo
  • Where:  The Gibraltar Trade Center, 237 North River Road Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043
  • When: March 28-30, 2014
  • Tickets: D-Lux Expo Tickets
  • More Info
how bout you string bean, Rick James lookin' fool!

“How bout you? String bean, Rick James lookin’ fool!” ~Johnny Yu


The Last Dragon Tribute T-Shirt Gallery is a blog dedicated to preserving the joy of Berry Gordy’s 1985 Motown meets Kung Fu cult classic The Last Dragon. We also delve into all things Bruce Lee, Martial Arts and enjoy reminiscing about 70′s,80′s & 90′s pop culture. Follow us from the links below for your daily dose of the Glow!

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13 Homages to Bruce Lee in Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon


The Last Dragon doesn’t try to hide that it is a blatant homage to Bruce Lee. After Bruce Lee’s sudden death in 1973 movie makers and viewers alike searched for the next Bruce Lee, the next Master. In the 70’s and 80’s Black folks loved Bruce Lee and Kung-Fu movies in general. Although many movies and martial artist tried to copy and mimic Bruce to recapture his magic they just came off as cheap, unoriginal knock offs.  The makers of The Last Dragon made the Bruce Lee homage work, they leveraged people’s longing for a new master and Black culture’s love of martial arts movies to create some magic of their own. Not only did we get a Bruce Lee like character, in Bruce Lee like movie but it also gave us something that was lacking then and even now: a Black super hero- but that’s an another article…. For now let’s breakdown a list of the most interesting homages to Bruce Lee in The Last Dragon.

Homages to Bruce Lee in The Last Dragon

It’s obvious The Last Dragon’s writer Louis Venosta was a big fan of Bruce Lee. He was clearly influenced by his films and plays off some of the themes, movements, dialogue and scenes particularly from Fists of Fury, Chinese Connection, Game of Death and Enter the Dragon. Some of the homages are very obvious others you may not have noticed before…

1. Leroy idolizes Bruce Lee & Chinese Culture

Leroy Kung Fu Shirt and Rice Hat

Our hero Leroy Green clearly idolizes Bruce Lee. So much so he is known around Harlem as “Bruce” Leroy. He speaks like he comes straight out a fortune cookie and doesn’t use contractions as if English was his second language. In addition in attempting to appropriate Chinese culture he wears an  Asian conical hat (aka Sedge hat, Rice hat, Paddy hat, Coolie hat) & traditional Chinese clothing. His love of Bruce Lee is so deep that he would rather watch “Fists of Fury” then let Vanity teach him some moves. Taimak Guarriello who played Leroy is himself a huge Bruce Lee fan.

Who’s Badder than the Shogun?

Bruce Leroy Thats Who - The Last Dragon



2. Leroy’s Gold Medallion was said to be Bruce Lee’s

Leroy's Master Hands him Bruce Lee's Gold Charm Medallion


This of course turns out to be a total lie. The man formerly known as Leroy’s Master later informs Leroy that he needed a charm on his journey and that the medallion is actually a plain old belt buckle that “a true master would use to hold up his pants.”

3. Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter the Dragon’ is on at the movie theater

This scene filmed at The Deuce aka Times Square Move Theater in New York is another very obvious tip of the hat to Bruce Lee. The action in the scene plays off what is happening in ‘Enter the Dragon’ on the big screen. For instance the big dude with the Transvestite (credited as “Radio Smasher” played by Peter Traina) smashes the break-dancers radio to pieces at the same time Bruce smashes O’Hara to death in Enter the Dragon. Then the theater patrons all say Han’s (the villain in ‘Enter the Dragon’) line in unison: “O’Hara, your treachery has disgraced us…”

The Last Dragon Radio Smasher vs Bruce Lee O'Hara Smash

When Sho’nuff makes his entrance the movie patrons get so upset that he has interrupted their Kung Fu masterpiece that about 50 of them come down to make Sho sit down and shut up at the same time Bruce takes on dozens of Han’s henchmen upset that Bruce ruined their little tournament.

Sho'nuff in front of Enter the Dragon Movie Theater The Last Dragon


4. Leroy has a picture of Bruce on the wall of his Dojo

Picture of Bruce Lee in Leroy Green's Dojo

Another obvious one but I think it is cool because I had the same poster on my dorm room wall in College.

5. Leroy wears Lee’s iconic yellow track suit from ‘Game of Death’

Yellow Jump Suit Quentin Tarantino & Bruce Leroy's Homage to Bruce Lee

Here’s a fact that all Last Dragon fans know: before Quentin Tarantino put Uma Thurman in Bruce Lee’s Yellow ‘Game of Death’ Tracksuit in 2002, Berry Gordy & Michael Schultz had Taimak rocking it in 1985. Little known fact, Bruce Lee wore this one piece jump suit to represent his fluid formless martial art style that did not confirm to any rigid traditional style or associated uniform. ‘Kill Bill’, ‘The Last Dragon’, Stephen Chow’s ‘Shaolin Soccer’, ‘Revenge of the Nerds’, and Jet Li’s ‘High Risk’ are just a few examples of the movies to honor Bruce Lee by including a homage to the iconic Black & Yellow outfit.

6. Even Laura Charles knows Bruce Lee had the original Glow

Leroy explains the Glow to Laura (Denise Matthews) - The Last Dragon

Leroy explains the glow to Laura

“I am search of the final level where the spirit takes over from the mind and guides the body without thought…. A great fighter, for instance might be able to get just his hands to fill with such power that they would get the glow, which could be deadly if it fell into evil hands. Yet, if these hands belonged to a master…”

Laura replies :

“Like Bruce Lee.”

7. Laura Charles’ Bruce Lee video compilation: ‘The Glow’


Bruce Lee mix above is not from The Last Dragon

The Video set to the Willie Hutch song ‘The Glow’ contained clips from Bruce’s first 2 big movies ‘Fists of Fury’ (1971) aka ‘The Big Boss’ and ‘Chinese Connection’ (1972) aka ‘Fists of Fury’. No that’s not a typo and yes it is very confusing.  Bruce Lee’s first movie was originally released in Asia as ‘The Big Boss’ when it debuted over here it was called ‘Fists of Fury’.  ‘Chinese Connection’ on the other hand was originally known as ‘Fists of Fury’ in Asia but called ‘Chinese Connection’ here.

When Leroy sees Bruce Lee kiss a girl in one of the clips it gives him the courage to kiss Laura for the first time. Another clip gives Leroy the inspiration he needs to take the next step on his quest to find the master…

8. Leroy gets the idea to disguise himself as “Soul Brotha Number One” from ‘Chinese Connection’

While watching Laura’s Bruce Lee video montage Leroy notices that Bruce disguises himself in the ‘Chinese Connection‘ to “enter the villains lair”. This leads to the famous “Hey my man, What it look like?” scene where Leroy dresses and acts “Black” to trick the Sum Dum Goy Fortune Cookie Factory workers into letting him in to see the Master. The twist is that the usually cool Bruce Lee goes nerdy and dons coke bottle glasses and the normally nerdy Leroy Green tries to be cool and puts on shades and mesh shirt.

Bruce Lee and Leroy Green both in disguise

9. Leroy’s slow motion lotus blossom arm move thing right after he gets the glow

This is The Last Dragon’s version of the same slow motion Bruce Lee move in the final fight scene vs Robert Baker in ‘Chinese Connection’.

Bruce Lee's Slow Motion Arm Move - Chinese Connection vs Bruce Leroy's - The Last Dragon


10. Chinese vs Japanese Theme

In ‘Chinese Connection’ (1972) the Chinese Bruce Lee was fighting oppression from Japanese imperialist. In The Last Dragon, Leroy and his students wear traditional Chinese clothing and practice the Chinese martial art of Kung Fu, while Sho’nuff and his crew wear Japanese samurai inspired outfits decorated with Japanese flags. Sho’nuf calls himself the Shogun of Harlem a direct reference to the title for a military commander in ancient Japan (8th century to 12th century A.D.), and later for a ruler of Shogunate Japan (12th century to 1868). The word “shogun” comes from the Japanese wordssho, meaning “commander,” and gun, or “troops.”

Bruce Lee and Leroy Green in Similar Dark Blue Kung Fu OutfitsSho'nuff Style Inspired by Japanese Samurai.


11. Johnny Yu is a humorous caricature of Bruce Lee

Johnny Yu  - The Last Dragon

“ENOUGH! You wanna fight! You Fight me! You big ugly smelly breath sucka or how bout you? String bean, Rick James lookin’ fool!”


Sure Leroy is the so called “Black” Bruce Lee but Johnny Yu, one of Leroy’s students played by Glen Eaton, is used as a comedic version of Bruce Lee. He tries to move like Bruce, yell like Bruce and uses the stereotype brought on by Bruce that all Asians know Martial Arts. Johnny Yu channels Bruce Lee quite noticeably these 2 scenes:

Johnny Explains the Art of fighting without knowing how to fight

In “Enter the Dragon” Bruce Lee demonstates “the art of fighting without fighting” by using his wits to outsmart his opponent and avoid an unnecessary confrontation in the boat on the way to Han’s Island. (see video below)

Bruce Lee Demonstrates the Art of Fighting without Fighting

Johnny claims he can do one better than Bruce, he explains that he can avoid fighting by using “the art of fighting without knowing how to fight”  by acting, moving and sounding like you can fight.

The Art of Fighting without knowing how - Johnny Yu The Last Dragon

“Leroy, you know how you’re always teaching us to master the art of fighting without fighting? Well, I did you one better. I mastered the art of fighting without knowing how to fight. You see, people… People are afraid of Oriental dudes. Give them a little move, a little scream, and lots of attitude. Check this out.”

Johnny’s version of Bruce’s ‘Big Boss‘ “You wanna fight? I’ll take you on!”

Bruce Lee Alright Hold it - Big Boss

In Bruce Lee’s first fight scene in his first big movie “The Big Boss” aka “Fists of Fury” Bruce’s character Cheng has had enough of watching his co-workers and family get beat up by goons and is forced to do jump in to do something about it. In this epic unveiling of Bruce’s talents on the big screen he quickly dispatches several thugs then shouts out:

“”Alright! Hold it!” before he goes on warning and insulting the thugs by saying: “Now you get out of here I’m warning you. You bastards can’t push us around.” He ends his mini soliloquy with “You wanna Fight? I’ll Take you on!”

Last Dragon fans, is this starting to sound familiar yet? Doesn’t it remind of you when Johnny was tired of watching Sho’nuff and his goons insult Leroy in front of his students and jumps in shouting:

“”Enough! You wanna fight? You fight me, you big ugly, smelly-breathed sucker! How about you? string bean, Rick-James-lookin’ fool?”

Other than making things more personal and throwing a little comedy into the insults Johnny he is pretty much saying the same thing as Bruce.

Watch the similarities between Johnny Yu’s “String Bean Rick James Lookin’ Fool!” scene and Bruce Lee’s “Alright! Hold it! scene for yourself.

Here’s Johnny:


And here’s Bruce:


12. Leroy’s Reluctance to Fight

Leroy does not want to fight Sho’nuff. He sees violence as a last resort and only uses it when those he loves are put into danger. This is a common theme in many Kung Fu movies including Bruce Lee’s. In the “Big Boss” Bruce has sworn an oath of not fighting which he keeps until he sees his brothers getting beat up and even killed.

Leroy's Motto The Last Dragon Dojo Scene


13. The Title of the Film

The Last Dragon sounds like it could have been Bruce Lee’s next movie title. If he hadn’t died maybe it could have been? Return of the Dragon, Enter The Dragon, The Last Dragon it makes sense. In fact often when I bring up The Last Dragon many people first mistakenly assume I am talking about a Bruce Lee movie.

Homages to Bruce Lee in The Last Dragon


What other Homages to Bruce Lee have you noticed in The Last Dragon? Comment Below…

Bruce Leroy??!? - Sho'nuff The Last Dragon



Craig Sutton | @thelastglow

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