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Chris Brown’s Last Dragon Inspired Video is Fitting: He was going to be Bruce Leroy in Planned 2008 Remake


Chris Brown’s new video for “Fine by Me” is clearly a nod to Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon.  This is fitting because back in 2008 remake producers RZA and Dallas Jackson talked about him being  the next Bruce Leroy. Maybe Brown is trying to show us that he is still ready to play The Last Dragon’s iconic Kung Fu superhero with the Glow.


Can you see Chris Brown as Bruce Leroy in a remake of The Last Dragon


Check out Chris Brown’s Fine by Me Video and see if you can spot all The Last Dragon references…

Homages to The Last Dragon in Chris Brown’s Fine by Me Video

Chris Brown The Last Dragon inspired Kung Fu Battle in Video Fine by Me


Bruce Leroy’s Ninja Sneak

At the 1:18 mark Brown is seen sneaking into an empty nightclub wearing ninja slippers looking for his girl – much like Leroy creeping into 7th Heaven in the same type of footwear to find Laura Charles.

Chris Brown enters the night club like Bruce Leroy in Video Fine by me

Bruce Leroy sneaking into 7th Heaven The Last Dragon



Once inside- a massive video screen, to the surprise of the hero, suddenly comes to life with the giant face of the Villain -all Eddie Arkadian like…

Eddie Arkadian Like Villain in Chris Brown Last Dragon inspired video Fine by Me

Eddie Arkadian - LEROY - The Last Dragon


A Guest List Compiled to Go Out in Style

Again with an laugh reminiscent of Eddie Arkadian the villain welcomes Chris and introduces him to a variety of crazy looking bad guys.

Chris Brown Last Dragon inspired fight scene in Fine by Me Video

Leroy 7thHeaven Fight Scene - surrounded by bad guys - The Last Dragon

Evil Fighter inspired by The Last Dragon in Chris Brown Fine by Me Video

Bad Guy Fighter with Mask in The Last Dragon 7th Heaven Fight Scene


The Glow

Then we get some impressive acrobatic Kung Fu Dancing the likes of which we haven’t seen since Zack the Black Power Ranger’s Hip-Hop Kido. Chris even uses the Glow to defeat the evil cast of characters.

Chris Brown using The Glow like Bruce Leroy in Fine by Me Video

Bruce Leroy Glowing Jump Kick to Sho nuff - The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon inspried Glow like Bruce Leroy - Chris Brown in Video Fine by Me

Bruce Leroy vs Shonuff Glow vs Glow Blue Sparks


The only thing that’s missing is Johnny Yu, Ernie Reyes Jr and Sho’nuff!!


What do Last Dragon Fans think about this?

Check out what Preston Knight had to say on Instagram



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Craig Sutton | @thelastglow


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The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray


Sony Pictures owns the rights to The Last Dragon. Unbelievably they have never released a Blu-Ray version of the internationally popular 80’s cult hit. I have always wondered if maybe they don’t know how many people not only like but love this movie or perhaps they do and they have just been waiting for the right time? Could the coming of The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary mean Sony will finally release the long awaited Last Dragon Blu-Ray?

**June 2015 Update**

The Answer to the question I posed back in November 2014 is YES!!!

It’s Official Sony to Release The Last Dragon Blu-Ray August 25th!!! – Read more here

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The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary Banner


On March 22, 2015 The Last Dragon will turn 30. On Saturday November 8, 2014 The 2nd Annual Urban Action Showcase & Expo (an Action Film Festival in New York) will be honoring this momentous occasion with The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary Celebration. It will be the Largest Gathering of Last Dragon Cast & Fans Ever. Fans have an amazing opportunity to prove to Sony that releasing a 30th Anniversary Edition Last Dragon Blu-Ray would be a profitable venture. Last Dragon fans we need you to come out and support this event. We need to show the folks at SONY how how much we love and support this film.

“In the movie collecting world horror always does well. Studios and distribution companies make a lot of money from collectors when it comes to the horror genre. Small companies like Shout factory have marketed horror cult films for blu-ray and they have been very successful thus far. I know martial arts isn’t as big as a genre but a cult film like The Last Dragon has more to offer than just a typical black film. It’s cemented in the 80s which gives the film it’s charm. Within that lies a great soundtrack and early performances by big stars today. I am certain this will be a big hit amongst movie collectors and general fans of the film around the world.”

“Its a cult classic that deserves a special edition release! I was hoping Sony will announce something to coincide with the anniversary. The only way I see this happening is if they truly move forward with the remake. Then they would put the film out.”

~Majid Afayee, avid retro blu-ray collector & one of the biggest baddest Last Dragon fans around this town


My Face When The Last Dragon Comes On


Think you are the only one who loves The Last Dragon? Wrong!

People don’t just love this movie they are obsessed with it. On a daily basis I get messages from fans who find my Last Dragon Instagram account or Facebook Fanpage and they are ecstatic to see that there is social media dedicated entirely to The Last Dragon. Almost every one of them tells me about how they have watched the movie hundreds of times or how they can quote every line. Young and old from all over the world its the same story.

“Whenever I watch “The Last Dragon”, a sense of nostalgia takes over. I remember the first time watching it around the age of 9 or 10 with my dad, when you RENTED the old “top-loading” VHS player, and had to set your CRT television to channel 3. This was my introduction to the world of martial arts, became a huge fan of the film genre, and was my kick start for having enrolled in martial arts for 10 years.

From the opening sequence in the movie (when Leroy is in his final training; dodging, chopping, and finally catching an arrow), I was in awe, and was hooked. Julius Carry’s performance is so favorably over the top as the antagonist “Sho’Nuff“, almost as if a comic book villain was lifted straight from the pages of a comic book. The Last Dragon may not have been a blockbuster, but it has gained quite a following, enough to have reached “cult” status, and I believe is very deserving of a re-release in Blu-Ray format.”

~Shane Straub, The Last Dragon fan


Celebrities Love The Last Dragon Too!


Of course they do. Celebrity or not if you grew up in 80’s and especially if were black this movie was likely a very enjoyable part of your childhood. I’ve seen stars like Floyd Mayweather, Marlon Wayons & Chris Rock, Pooch Hall, the RZA, Jill Scott, Keisha Cole & Michael Jai White just to name a few show love for this Motown meets Kung-fu 80’s classic. Celebrity Endorsements, yet another good reason this Blu-Ray should get released.


Floyd Mayweather - The Last Dragon Movie Poster

Support The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary Celebration

Well I have high hopes that Sony does see the gem they have in The Last Dragon and I expect them  to make an announcement soon to coincide with the 30th Anniversary. It’s now or never. Let’s make this decision easy and prove it is the right one by making The Last Dragon 30th Celebration truly an event to remember. If you can’t attend spread the word. We need to make sure every Last Dragon fan knows about this event. Please share this article and use the hashtag #thelastdragon30th

Think about it when will there ever be a chance to watch The Last Dragon in same movie theater as Bruce Leroy! The Last Dragon stars like Taimak  (Bruce Leroy), Christopher Murney (Eddie Arkadian) & Ernie Reyes Jr. (Tai)  among others will be part of the biggest cast reunion ever. This will also be amazing opportunity to ask anything you ever wanted to know about The Last Dragon in a Q&A session after the screening. Personally I can’t wait to ask Mr. Murney what exactly that was in that tank?

Get Tickets for The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary Celebration


The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Features

Here’s hoping they include commentary from Taimak, Glen Eaton, Christopher Murney, Ernie Reyes Jr., Faith Prince, Ron Van Clief and any other cast members they can find.   How great would it be if Berry Gordy himself added something?

I would also highly recommend a kid friendly version- I would love to be able to show my 3 year old girl this epic tale of good triumphing over evil where the humble underdog hero learns that he must believe himself to unleash the inner power he possessed all along. It holds great lessons for kids and they really get into and enjoy the fairy tale like story, but there are a few (not many) choice words I don’t want my little girl repeating.


Pre-Order The Last Dragon 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Today!


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Is Denise “Vanity” Matthews VH1’s Raqi Thunda’s Mom?

Although she has posted photos on Instagram saying she is, NO, VH1’s Raquel “Raqi” Thunda is not Denise “Vanity” Matthews’ daughter. The posts are jokes but she does want to let the RZA and Dallas Jackson know that she’s the girl to fill Vanity’s role of Laura Charles if The Last Dragon is ever remade.

Vanity Raqi Thunder's Mom?

Check out her original instagram post she fooled a lot of people. There is definitely a resemblance to the 80’s beauty. If it was possible I think she could be the love child of Vanity and one of Prince’s other 80’s proteges- Apollonia; of Purple Rain and Apollonia 6 fame. What do you think?

Raqi Thunder wants to be Laura Charles in The Last Dragon Remake

Raqi’ on instagram comparing herself to Vanity & Apollonia also telling RZA she needs to be in the Remake!


Does Raqi Thunda look like Vanity or Apollonia?


Vanity vs Apollonia - The Last Dragon Tribute

Vanity vs Apollonia


Vanity vs Raqi

Denise 'Vanity' Matthews vs Raqi Thunder

Vanity vs Raqi Thunda


Raqi Thunda recreates Iconic Denise Vanity Matthews Photo

Raqi Thunda recreates Iconic Denise Vanity Matthews Image


Vanity vs Raqi Thunder

“Vanity with Bigger…” -Raqi Thunda


Apollonia vs Raqi

Apollonia Kotero vs Raqi Thunda

Apollonia Kotero vs Raqi Thunda

Apollonia Kotero vs Raqi Thunder part 2

Apollonia vs Raqi Part 2

Would she make a good Laura Charles in The Last Dragon Remake?

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Do you look like Vanity or know somebody who does? Tag @TheLastGlow on Instagram for a repost and entry into a Vanity look-a-like contest.


Denise Vanity Matthews Blue Dress 1985 Last Dragon Premiere

The Beautiful Denise “Vanity” Matthews at the 1985 Premier of The Last Dragon

You Sure Look Like a Master to Me - Vanity - The Last Dragon


The Last Dragon Tribute T-Shirt Gallery is a blog dedicated to preserving the joy of Berry Gordy’s 1985 Motown meets Kung Fu cult classic The Last Dragon. We also delve into all things Bruce Lee, Martial Arts and enjoy reminiscing about 70′s,80′s & 90′s pop culture. Follow us from the links below for your daily dose of the Glow!



Siskel & Ebert Original 1985 Review of The Last Dragon

We’ve found some rare and interesting footage. The original 1985 Siskel and Ebert review of Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon! It’s probably just me but I feel like we’ve uncovered a lost piece of television history!

Jump to 10:19 to get to The Last Dragon part of the review. Before The Last Dragon review Siskel and Ebert also discuss and rate The Sluggers Wife and Desperately Seeking Susan.

video courtesy of

I didn’t think these guys would get or appreciate The Last Dragon, but Siskel really loves it; and in fact, gives it a thumbs up. You can tell Ebert sees the film’s charm but lets a few scenes he doesn’t like prevent him from giving it a thumbs up. He loves the chemistry between Bruce Leroy (Taimak) and Laura Charles (Denise “Vanity” Matthews) and of course he loves Julius Carry III’s portrayal of Sho’nuff. They both rave about Taimak and Vanity, talk about how much they love “the Shogun of Harlem goes to the movie scene” and how much fun the movie is in general but Ebert just can’t get past the Eddie Arkadian and Angie subplot… Oh Eddie you are so misunderstood…

Thanks to Majid Afayee for finding this video and sharing.


The Best Last Dragon Halloween Costumes (Pictures)


Dressing up as a character from Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon has become a very cool costume idea whether it be for Halloween, Cosplay or an 80’s party. What says I am the meanest, prettiest, baddest mofo low down around this town better than shade sun glasses, big teased hair, over sized shoulder pants under a leopard print covered Karate Gi.  Halloween brings out the hidden Last Dragon fan in a lot of people and we have the photo evidence to prove it. Have you seen or have a great Last Dragon outfit? Feel free to tag your pictures with @TheLastGlow on Twitter and Instagram or submit via The Fan Tribute to The Last Dragon Facebook page.

**Sept 2014 Update: Check out More Great Last Dragon Costumes & learn about The Last Dragon Cosplay Contest on Nov 8th at the Urban Action Showcase & Expo

Bruce Leroy, Laura “Vanity” Charles and Sho’nuff Costumes

Bruce Leroy, Laura Charles & Shonuff Halloween costumes

@djmconline as Bruce Leroy, @runrgrl26_2 as Laura Charles, @BDAHT as Sho’nuff


 The Real Bruce Leroy, Laura Charles and Sho’nuff

The Last Dragon Cast: Leroy: Taimak Laura Charles: Vanity Shonuff: Julius Carry

The Real Leroy, Laura and Sho’nuff


Keyshia Cole and Family get the Glow

Even Celebrities can’t escape the power of the Glow. Keyshia Cole and her husband dressed up as Bruce Leroy and Laura Charles from the final “All White Party” scene in the Last Dragon where Leroy famously asks Laura “Could you teach me some moves?!?”

Keyshia Cole and her husband as Laura Charles & Bruce Leroy The Last Dragon Final Scene

Keyshia Cole and her husband Daniel Gibson as Laura Charles & Bruce Leroy hangin out with Spooge Bob


As you can see they did a great job of recreating the outfits:

Leroy and Laura Final Scene All White Party The Last Dragon

The Real Deal Laura and Leroy from the Final Scene of The Last Dragon


Sho’nuff Costumes

By far the most memorable character from The Last Dragon is Sho’nuff the Shogun of Harlem (RIP Julius Carry) so it’s no surprise he is the most popular costume choice.

Shonuff the Shogun of Harlem is Back

The Real Sho’nuff The Shogun of Harlem

Which Sho’nuff Costume do you think is the Baddest?

Shonuff's Red Glow

Yeah! Play time’s over boy…

Here are some of the coolest Sho’nuff costumes I have seen so far:

Mauro Balcazar, went all out with his Sho’nuff outfit. He is quite the accomplished artist. He draws, sculpts and even makes T-Shirts for all things comic book and geek. Check out his site when you get a chance:


@mauro_balcazar as Shonuff from The Last Dragon

Mauro Balcazar as Sho’nuff


He even constructed light up thingies to make his hands glow just like Sho’!

Homemade Shonuff Halloween Costume

“I got something real for your ass in these hands.”



@MistaDebonair2U ‘s very Debonair version of Shonuff: “I was told I could find Leroy here”

Shonuff by @MistaDebonair2U

@MistaDebonair2U ‘s very Debonair version of Shonuff


Who’s Badder than @BDAHT!?!?: “I am going to ask you one more time, Who’s the Master?! I can’t hear you Leroy… I said who is the master?!”

Shonuff by @BDAHT

Who’s Badder than @BDAHT!?!?


@Gladiator1906:  “Kiss my Converse!”

@Gladiator1906 Shonuff Costume

@Gladiator1906’s Shonuff: “Leroy you warmed up yet?”


@WillieDYT: ” You see it’s mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinkin’ they the Last Dragon that gives kung-fu a bad name.”

Shonuff by @WillieDYT

Shonuff by @WillieDYT


The Kids get into The Last Dragon Costumes too!


Here’s the real Sho’nuff and Bruce Leroy, just before Sho’ tells Leroy to Kiss his Converse.

Sho'nuff and Bruce Leroy - Leroy's Do Jo - The Last Dragon

The Real Sho’nuff and Leroy


And here’s the Jr. version:

Bruce Leroy and Shonuff Jr

The Mini Leroy & Sho’nuff


More great Kids Last Dragon costumes made by their mother Shaya Zachary:

The Last Dragon Costumes by Shaya Zachary

Little Last Dragon Costumes by Shaya Zachary


Looks like  Shaya was inspired by the  Sho’nuff over-sized shoulder pad looks below:

Shonuff and his oversized Shogun of Harlem Shoulder Pads

Shonuff and his oversized Shogun of Harlem Shoulder Pads

Shonuff with Black Shoulder Pads The Last Dragon

Shonuff: “Who Am I?!?”


Bruce Leroy Costumes

The Yellow jump suit made popular first by Bruce Lee in the Game of Death, then used as a homage, first in The Last Dragon by Bruce Leroy (Taimak), then Uma Thurman in Kill Bill:

Yellow Jump Suit: Game o f Death: Bruce Lee. Kill Bill: Uma Thurman, The Last Dragon: Taimak

The Famous Yellow Jump Suit worn by Bruce Lee, Uma Thurman and Taimak


And now: @oeewsij

Bruce Leroy Yellow Jumpsuit Costume by @oeewsij

Pooch Hall from ‘The Game’ would love to be the next Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon remake. What do you think?

Pooch Hall as Bruce Leroy rockin the Bruce Lee Yellow Jump Suit

Pooch Hall as Bruce Leroy kickin’ it in’ the famous Bruce Lee Yellow Jump Suit


Last but not least the lovely lady Laura Charles played in The Last Dragon by Denise “Vanity” Matthews:


Laura Charles Vanity in Blue 7th Heaven Dress from The Last Dragon

Laura Charles @ 7th Heaven in The Last Dragon


Here’s @MerryRenee rockin’ the Laura Charles 7th Heaven outfit:

Vanity/Laura Charles by @MerryRenee

The Laura Charles 7th Heaven Outfit


Send us your pics!! @TheLastGlow on Twitter & Instagram  and The Fan Tribute to The Last Dragon on Facebook

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Comment below… is a blog dedicated to preserving the joy of Berry Gordy’s 1985 Motown meets Kung Fu cult classic The Last Dragon. We also delve into all things Bruce Lee, Martial Arts and enjoy reminiscing about 70′s,80′s & 90′s pop culture. Follow us from the links below for your daily dose of the Glow!