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RIP Denise Matthews Jan 4 1959 – Feb 15 2016


Sadly the rumours are true. Denise Matthews, the evangelist formerly known as Vanity, passed away February 15th at the age of 57.

Since becoming born again in the mid 90’s Denise distanced herself from her “Vanity” rockstar persona of the 80’s (and the drugs and sex that went with it) but to fans of The Last Dragon she was always seen as the sweet, lovely & charming Laura Charles and one of the most beautiful women of all-time! 

She had dealt with almost daily kidney dialysis and 23 surgeries since her kidneys failed due to a 1994 drug overdose. According to family she had recently been diagnosed with  an inflammation of the small intestines known as sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis.

It’s a misconception that her 94′ near death experience lead to her finding God. According to an April 2015 interview with AJ Duggar III she actually turned to Jesus about a year prior. Regardless of when she found the church, it ultimately led to her cleaning up her act and changing her life. She toured around the country speaking at churches and would pray for or with anyone she met or who reached her through social media.

TMZ reported that she was in church on the evening before she died and told the congregation she was “ready to go home.”


The initial reports started coming in through social media the first we saw was this from @ArtofMusic

Our Facebook page was one of the first places to confirm the talk circulating on social media was true. I spoke with someone close to her before posting this to ensure it was true.


Soon after, Sheila E and TMZ confirmed it as well.


In one of her last Facebook posts on Feb 10 2016, she explained why she no longer wanted to be known as Vanity:

Denise Matthews explains why she no longer wanted to be known as Vanity


The Canadian-born actress, model and singer was best known for her roles in the 80’s classics The Last Dragon and Action Jackson as well as being Prince’s protege and lead singer for his all girls group Vanity 6.

Watch this touching video tribute in memory of Denise Matthews

For more on Denise Matthews check out our in-depth article about The Life of Denise “Vanity” Matthews


RIP Denise "Vanity" Matthews Feb 15 2016


Many will remember her as Prince’s Protege, “Vanity”, but to the fans of The Last Dragon you will always be the sweet, charming lovely lady Laura Charles… say hi to Julius & Leo for us.

Denise "Vanity" Matthews as Laura Charles in The Last Dragon by Harvey Cahn

Denise Matthews Last Dragon art Tribute by Harvey Cahn

Recent Photo of Denise "Formerly Known as Vanity" Matthews

Recent Photo of Denise “Formerly Known as Vanity” Matthews

RIP Denise Matthews



Craig Sutton | @thelastglow


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The Last Dragon Awakens? Boyega to Star in The Last Dragon 2? (Plot Leaks – Spoiler Alert)


Bruce Leroy has Vanished…

This one’s for all the people that only read headlines. A fake Star Wars news site called is reporting that a sequel to The Last Dragon directed by the Hughes brothers is in the works. It even includes a hilariously detailed plot leak of a story that combines the original The Last Dragon with Star Wars the Force Awakens and The Crow.

Taimak and Denise “Vanity” Matthews return to play Bruce Leroy and Laura Charles but the star of this one is their son “Brandon” Leroy Green III, played by John Boyega (Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens).

John Boyega as Brandon Leroy

Brandon Leroy?!?! Brandon Leroy?!? Yeah, that’s right, they call him Brandon Leroy. Of course playing off the fact that Brandon Lee was the son of Bruce Lee but also because in the movie he walks around in Brandon Lee’s costume from the Crow.

John Boyega The New Last Dragon??

Denzel Washington as Sho’nuff

The Shogun of Harlem, Sho’nuff returns; this time around played by Denzel Washington.

Denzel Washington as Shonuff



Steven Segal as Sho’Tuff

Sho’nuff partners up with 90’s action movie icon Steven Segal, who plays a tough guy named Sho’Tuff, to fill the role of the main bad guys.

Steven Seagal in The Last Dragon Remake or Sequel


Ariana Grande plays the Love Interest

Ariana Grande rounds out the cast playing young Brandon Leroy’s love interest.


Ariana Grande in The Last Dragon Remake?


All in Good Fun

Other than the kudos it gives The Last Dragon for being a “funky cult classic with an arsenal of awesomeness” the article is completely fabricated but it is very creative, laugh out loud funny and definitely worth the read… hit the title below to check it out on…

Boyega to Star in The Next Last Dragon? Sho’nuff!

ohn Boyega to Star in The Last Dragon Sequel


some images courtesy of the original article

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Craig Sutton | @thelastglow


———————————————————————————- is a blog dedicated to The Last Dragon fan community with the aim to Keep The Glow alive! It was started by a fan for the fans. Follow us from the links below for your daily dose of the Glow!